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Property Repaires.

Garage Conversions.

Electrical Work.

Windows and Doors.

Property Alterations

Maintenance & Inprovement.

Cellar Conversions.

Wall & Floor Tiling.

Baxi Boiler Installers.

Wet Room Specialists.

Property Renovations.

E-mail = andy@ajw-plumbing.co.uk



Central Heating and Unvented hot water systems installed and serviced.

Often involved at design stage offering good sound practical advice, marrying together creative designs and specialist materials.

An efficient and experienced team of friendly staff who are happy to help.

Representatives available to visit and discuss your projects.

Quality assurance. We purchase and source all our products directly from competent and experienced producers from within the UK.

We aim to ensure that your project however large or small will not fail and will stand the test of time.

All plumbing work undertaken.

We offer a senior citizens discount.