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Complete bathroom renovations.
Is your bathroom a blast from the past?
Is it time to replace your fixtures and give your bathroom a new look?
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What We Do
ajw-Plumbing offers a wide variety of bathroom accessories and renovation services. We have everything you need for your next shower or bathroom remodelling project. We are knowledgeable and willing to help you in every part of the process.

Products and Services
•Bathtubs and Showers
•Bathroom Accessories
•Bathroom Vanities
•Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies
•Ceramic Tiles
•Counter Tops
•Bathroom Cabinets

AJW-Plumbing realizes that every client has different needs and budgets to deal with today's bathrooms.

This is why we offer the more viable options available for your bathroom. We specialize in professional tiling and complete bathroom renovations.
We provide flooring, vanities, toilets, plumbing fixtures and accessories.

Whatever the job, people have come to trust the integrity and experienced work ethic we have provided.